it 常用句型


  1. It is true/obvious/clear/possible/certain that…


    • It is simply not true that economic growth will surely make our world cleaner.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套)经济增长一定会使环境改善也绝非事实。

    • It is certainly possible that we could get very slow growth over the next year.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套)在下一年里取得缓慢的增长是完全可能的。

    • It is clear that consumers don’t always know what they are getting.
      (16年6 月CET6,第三套)很明显,对于自己买的产品究竟是何等货色,消费者们并不总是很清楚。

  2. It is hard/difficult/important/necessary/possible ( for sb.) to do sth.


    • Therefore, it is advisable for us to distinguish the authenticity of information.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 因此,对我们来说,学会甄别信息是可取的。

    • It is highly important to expand the metropolitan areas.
      (15年12月CET6,第一套) 扩大都市圈至关重要。

  3. It is reported/learned/estimated that …


    • It is estimated that step would save hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade.
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 据估计,这一举措将在未来十年节省数千亿美元。
  4. It looks as if/as though…


    • It looks as though self-control is something that in one generation can disadvantage the next generation.
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 这样看来,上一代的自制力似乎会影响到下一代。
  5. It is + 被强调部分 + that …


    • It was this lack of information that prompted the launch of I’m First in 2013.
      (15年12月CET6,第一套) 正是由于信息缺乏,促使“我是第一代”机构于2013年成立。

    • It was only in the 20th century that Leonardo’s portrait of his patron’s wife rocketed to the number-one spot.

    • It’s when you find yourself surrounded by toxic friends who live in the past that you realize you’re not getting any younger.

    • It was his curiosity that made him invent so many things and achieved great success in his career.
      (15年6月CET6,第二套) 正是他的好奇心驱使他发明了如此多的东西,从而最终在事业上取得了巨大的成功。

    • It is due to his focus on small things that Apple makes great success in the mobile field.
      (15年6月CET6,第三套) 正是由于他专注于做小事情,苹果公司才在手机行业取得了巨大的成功。

  6. It takes(sb.)… to do sth.


    • It will take a long time to change the current trend in higher education.
      (15年12月CET6,第二套) 改变高等教育的现状需要很长时间。
  7. It is not until + 被强调部分 + that …


    • It wasn’t until I hit around 25 that I realized I’d missed a large chunk of my life for absolutely no reason.
      (15年6月CET6,第二套) 直到我25岁我才意识到我毫无缘由地错过了生活中的大把时光。



  1. 主语从句


    • But what most students and parents don’t realize is that schools have hidden motives for offering early decision.
      (15年5月CET6,第二套) 但是,大多数学生和家长并没有意识到,学校之所以提前录取是有其隐藏动机的。
  2. 宾语从句


    • Piaget argued that attaining and accepting a vocation is one of the best ways to modify idealized views and to mature.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 皮亚杰认为获得并接受一份职业是修正理想化观念和使人变成熟的最好途径之一。

    • …all the facts suggest that high unemployment in America is the result of inadequate demand.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 所有的事实都表明美国的高失业率是需求不足的结果。

    • The study found that even in high-poverty schools, teachers consistently had a huge positive or negative impact.
      (16年6 月CET6,第三套) 研究发现,即便在极度贫困的学校,教师也始终起到了巨大的积极或消极的影响。

    • On the contrary, other people claim that it is a common phenomenon that a host of youngsters spend so much time reading on social networks.
      (15年12 月CET6,第一套) 而相反,另一些人却认为现在的年轻人花费太多的时间浏览社交网络。

    • From the standpoint of a traditional educator, this outcome indicated that schooling had failed to help students think about major scientific ideas.
      (15年12 月CET6,第三套)从传统教育工作者的角度来看,这一结果表明,学校教育未能帮助学生思考重要科学理念。

    • He points out that the most reproduced works of impressionism today tend to have been bought by five or six wealthy and influential collectors in the late 19th century.

  3. 表语从句


    • And that, fundamentally, is why claims that we face huge structural problems have been multiplying.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 这也就从根本上解释了为什么我们面临巨大的结构性问题的论调被多次复制。

    • Chances are that the product is made in China.
      (15年12 月CET6,第二套) 很有可能这件产品是中国制造的。

    • …this sort of activity is where the future of environmental action lies.
      (15年12 月CET6,第三套) 这种活动正是环境行动的未来所在。

    • The lesson taught by plants is that sharing life expands and enhances the sphere of the living.
      (15年6月CET6,第一套) 植物教给我们的是分享生活,拓展生命空间,提升生命层次。

    • The problem is that this process effectively shortens the window of time students have to make one of the most important decisions of their lives up to that point.
      (15年6月CET6,第二套) 问题在于这个过程有效地将学生必须做出人生重大决策之一的一小段时间缩短到那一刻。

  4. 同位语从句


    • But missing from all these data is the sense that today’s young care very much about their country, about political environment, or about the future of their society.
      (16年6 月CET6,第三套) 但在这所有这些数据中,都没有信息表明当今年轻人关心自己的国家,关心政治环境, 或者关心社会的未来。

    • …the label was misleading because it gave the impression that the products had been certified by a third party when the certification was the company’s own.
      (16年6 月CET6,第三套) 这一标签具有误导性,因为它给人们的印象是这些产品已被第三方认证,但实际上却是由公司自己认证的。

    • There is an idea that sales are all about lies and that you have to be really tricky and clever with words to sell your products.
      (15年12月CET6,第一套) 有些人认为,销售充满谎言,要想卖出商品就必须能说会道。



  1. 分词作定语(分词前置,分词后置)


    • A surprising thing for the man who runs one of the world’s most powerful economies to say?
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 对于一个统治世界上最强大国之一的人来说,说出这样的话很奇怪吗?

    • Only three states,with a combined population not much larger than that of Brooklyn…
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 只有在三个人口总数加起来不超过布鲁克林的州…

    • Its benefits outweigh the hazards involved.
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 它的好处远超过了它所涉及的危害。

    • a retired member of the Public and Commercial Services Union
      (15年12月CET6,第三套) 一名公共及商业服务工会的退休成员

    • …the foods served are so diverse that guests cannot eat up all the dishes.
      (15年6月CET6,第一套) 端上的饭菜丰富多样,让客人吃不完。

    • an astonishing number of exceptional colleges
      (15年6月CET6,第二套) 惊人的杰出的学校

  2. 分词作状语


    • Chinese entrepreneurs have been working hard to become leading innovators, aiming at responding to consumer market…
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 中国企业家也在努力争做创新的先锋,以适应消费市场…

    • Facing water shortages and escalating fertilizer costs, farmers in developing countries are using raw sewage to irrigate and fertilize nearly 49 million acres of cropland.
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 面临水源短缺和不断上升的肥料成本的压力,发展国家的农民正在使用下水道污水对近四千九百万英亩的农田进行灌溉和施肥。

    • Agriculture is a water-intensive business, accounting for nearly 70% of global fresh water consumption.
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 农业是大量用水的行业,约消耗全球近70%的淡水。

    • Based on the above imagination,we may conclude that…
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 根据以上的情形,我们可以得出…

    • Faced with so much information, we’re actually not competent enough to tell the useful information from the useless one.
      (15年12 月CET6,第二套) 面对如此多的信息,我们实际上并没有足够的能力辨别哪些是有用的,哪些是无用的。

    • Viewed from scientists’standpoint, all the energy contained in fuel either now nor in the future becomes heat.
      (15年12 月CET6,第二套) 科学家认为,燃料里所含的全部能源迟早都会变成热量。

  3. 分词作补语 (通常在感官动词和使役动词之后)


    • make your audience absorbed and involved
      (15年6 月CET6,第一套) 让你的听众被吸引并且参与进来
  4. 分词作插入语

    judging from 从…判断
    generally/strictly speaking 一般说来/严格说来
    taking all things into consideration 全面看来



  1. which、that 引导的定语从句(指物)


    • The protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue which affects the well-being of peoples and economic development throughout the world.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 人类环境的保护和改善是一个重要问题,它将会影响到全世界人口的福利和经济的发展。
  2. who, whom, that 引导的定语从句(指人)


    • Driverless cars should be built ,programmed and sold by manufacturers who take responsibility for ensuring safety and are liable for accidents.
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 无人驾驶车辆,应该由能够对安全和交通事故负责的生产商们建立、规划并销售。

    • Jones represents a small percentage of first-generation students who are able to gain entry into more elite universities.
      (15年12月CET6,第一套) 琼斯仅代表了能考入那些更著名的大学的第一代学生的一小部分。

  3. whose,of which 引导的定语从句(指人或物)


    • Growth has gone to the very, very top, whose share has almost increased four times since 1980.
      (15年6月CET6,第二套) 增长的是位于社会最顶层的人们的收入,他们的平均收入自1980年以来已经增长了4倍。

    • 2011 is the historic moment in the process of urbanization in China, whose urban population exceeds the rural population for the first time.
      (15年6月CET6,第二套) 2011年是中国城市化进程中的历史性时刻, 其城市人口首次超过农村人口。

    • Americans views the family as a group whose primary purpose is to advance the happiness of individual members.
      (15年6月CET6,第三套) 美国人认为家庭的首要目的是提升每个家庭成员的个人幸福,而不是整个家庭的幸福。

  4. when, where, why,that引导的定语从句(指时间、地点、理由)


    • It is also the reason why development agencies are not united in their view of environmental issues.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 这也是为什么发展机构对环境问题的意见不能统一的原因。

    • The virtual world acts as an appropriate platform where people can always stay in touch however long the distance is.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 虚拟世界是一个合适的平台,使得人们无论距离多远都可以随时保持联系。

    • In cases where sewage mud is used, expensive chemical fertilizer use can be avoided. (16年6 月CET6,第二套)在使用污泥的情况下,可以省去使用昂贵的化学肥料。

    • The revisions come at a time when green marketing is on the rise.
      (16年6 月CET6,第三套) 这些修订正值绿色营销兴起之际。

  5. 非限制性定语从句(补充说明)


    • …structural unemployment is a fake problem, which mainly serves as an excuse for not pursuing real solutions.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 结构性失业是一个虚假问题,只是不寻求真正解决方法的一个借口。

    • The preferences of these men bestowed prestige on certain works, which made the works more likely to be hung in galleries and printed in collections.
      (15年6 月CET6,第一套) 他们的喜好使得这些作品享誉盛名,从而令这些作品更有可能陈列在画廊并作为收藏品印刷。

    • It also gives schools a higher yield rate, which is often used as one of the ways to measure college selectivity and popularity.
      (15年6 月CET6,第二套) 这也能给学校带来更高的招生率,这是人们经常用来衡量一所学校的可选性和受欢迎程度的方法之一。



  1. 地点状语从句


    • Where justice is concerned, there is also a huge divide.
      (15年6 月CET6,第二套) 虽然人们关注公平,但还是有很大差距。
  2. 方式状语从句


    • …you will start to feel as if the best days of your life have passed you by.
      (15年6 月CET6,第一套)你会发现你生活中最美好的时光似乎都离你而去。
  3. 原因状语从句


    • …environmental degradation affects the poor more than the rich,as poorer people derive a much higher proportion of their income directly from the natural resources around them.
      (16年6 月CET6,第一套) 环境退化对穷人的影响超过对富人的影响,这是因为穷人靠周围自然资源获取的收入占其总收入的比例更高。

    • People often get into love affairs because they have unrealistic expectations about somebody.
      (15年12 月CET6,第一套) 人们陷入恋爱关系时,往往都会对对方抱有一种不切实际的期待。

    • Life teaches us not to regret over yesterday, for it has passed and is beyond our control.
      (15年12 月CET6,第一套) 生活教会我们不要缅怀昨天,因为它们已经成为过去并且无法挽回。

    • Family name and honor are less important than that in aristocratic societies, since equality of opportunity regardless of birth is considered a basic American value.
      (15年12 月CET6,第三套) 在美国,家族名声和荣誉不像在贵族社会那样重要,因为“不论出身,机会均等”被视作美国的一项基本价值。

  4. 目的状语从句


    • So the only alternative is working hard today, so that we will enjoy a better tomorrow.
      (15年12月CET6,第一套) 我们能做的事情就是在当下努力,这样才能有一个更好的明天。
  5. 结果状语从句


    • In some cases, water is so scarce that farmers break open sewage pipes transporting waste to local rivers.
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 有时候,水源太过匮乏了,农民甚至会打破将污水导入当地河流的下水管道来灌溉。

    • Teaching is so important that it should be like other professions,with high pay and good working conditions.
      (16年6 月CET6,第三套) 教学是如此的重要,它应该像其他职业一样,有着较高的工资和良好的工作条件。

    • As it is, sleep is so undervalued that getting by on fewer hours has become a badge of honor.
      (15年12 月CET6,第三套) 睡眠的重要性被严重低估了,睡眠时间短成了值得骄傲的事。

  6. 条件状语从句


    • Testing innovations do no good unless the good experiments are identified and expanded and the bad ones are dropped.
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 只有保证好的试验能得到认同并得以拓展,不好的试验被摒弃的情况下,测试创新才会有用处。

    • Our society needs the full participation of its younger citizens if it is continue to thrive.
      (16年6 月CET6,第三套) 我们的社会如果想继续蓬勃发展,就需要年轻公民的充分参与。

    • If a team manager exemplifies such qualities,then the team would be better able to realize their potential and achieve their objectives.
      (15年12 月CET6,第一套) 如果团队经理能够展示出各种素质,整个团队就能够更好的发挥潜力,实现目标。

    • These students need to build skills and knowledge during college if they are to use their degrees as stepping-stone to middle-class mobility.
      (15年12 月CET6,第二套)这些学生如果想把学位作为迈入中产阶级的踏板,就需要在大学期间学习技能和知识。

  7. 让步状语从句


    • Although more than a third have an object in their rooms they would like to keep secret from their parents, rarely is it anything more alarming than a diary or off-color book or CD.
      (16年6 月CET6,第三套) 虽然有超过三分之一的青少年的房间里都有不想让父母看到的东西,譬如日记本、低俗的书籍或CD等,但很少有比这些更让人担忧的东西。

    • Although a team may be composed of knowledgeable people, they must learn new ways of relating and working together to solve cross-functional problems.
      (15年12月CET6,第一套) 虽然团队中都是博学的人,但他们也必须学会与其他人互相协作,形成良好的合作关系,以解决跨职能问题。

  8. 比较状语从句


    • man-made creations as smart and capable as we are
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 像人类一样聪明,有能力的人造机器人

    • Southern states without strong teacher’s unions have schools at least as awful as those in union states.
      (16年6 月CET6,第三套) 没有强大教师工会的南方诸州,其学校至少和那些有教师工会的联邦州的学校一样糟糕。

    • It could also insist on checking private manned spacecraft as thoroughly as it does commercial aircraft.
      (15年12 月CET6,第三套) 航空局坚持要求对私人的载人航天器进行彻底的检查,就像其对商用飞机所做的那样。

    • The more people were exposed to, the more they liked it, and the more they liked it, the more it appeared in books, on posters and in big exhibitions.
      (15年6月CET6,第一套) 看到这些作品的人越多,这些作品就越受欢迎,就能被更多的书籍、海报转载,并在大型展览上陈列。

    • In the 1850s,Leonardo da Vinci was considered no match for giants of Renaissance art like Titian and Raphael, whose works were almost ten times as much as “Mona Lisa”
      (15年6月CET6,第一套) 在19世纪50年代,人们还认为达芬奇赶不上文艺复兴时期像提香和拉斐尔这样的艺术巨匠,他们作品的价值几乎是《蒙娜丽莎》的十倍。

    • public parks in cities become crowded as soon as the sun shines
      (15年6月CET6,第一套) 从日出之时城市公园就挤满了人。

    • the sooner we start, the better off we will be
      (15年6月CET6,第一套) 越早开始行动,对人类越好。



  1. too…to (太…以至于不能…)


    • …too fascinated by the company’s previous success to recognize the change that was needed to sustain its competitiveness.
      (15年12 月CET6,第一套) 过于迷恋公司以前所取得的成就,而未意识到需要做出改变以保持公司的竞争力。

    • For example, building codes included green construction guidelines, most developers would be too lazy to challenge them.
      (15年12 月CET6,第三套) 例如,如果建筑条例中增加绿色施工指南,大多数开发商都会懒得挑战这些条例。

    • too busy to make perfect private plans
      (15年12 月CET6,第三套)太忙而无法制定完美的私人计划。当too被only, but, all 等词修饰时,too…to…结构就不再表示否定的意思,而有肯定的含义

    • The bankers, among the strongest advocates of laissez-faire economics, were only too willing to accept hundreds of billions of dollars from the government in the aid programs.
      (15年6月CET6,第二套) 那些银行家是最支持自由放任的经济体制的人,他们非常愿意接受来自政府援助项目的上千亿美元。

  2. when it comes to… (当谈及…)


    • When it comes to the comprehensive economic strength, Shenzhen ranks among the top-class cities in China.
      (16年6 月CET6,第二套) 就综合经济实力而言,深圳居于中国顶尖城市之列。

    • Opinions vary when it comes to the impact of social networking websites on reading.
      (15年12 月CET6,第一套) 关于社交网络对读书的影响众说纷纭。

    • They should learn how to balance the relationship between parents and the children from American parents when it comes to education.
      (15年12 月CET6,第一套) 在涉及教育时,他们应该向美国父母学习如何平衡父母与子女间的关系。

  3. not…but… (不是…而是)


    • The issue is not just how the team can function more effectively, but how it integrates with the overall organization or society that it supposedly serves.
      (15年12 月CET6,第一套) 问题不仅在于应该怎样让团队更高效地工作,还应该让团队与他所服务的公司或社会融合在一起。

    • The true test of an economy is not how much wealth its princes can accumulate in tax havens, but how well off the typical citizen is.
      (15年6 月CET6,第二套) 对于一个经济体的评价,不是看它的统治者能从税收庇护所中积累多少财富,而是要看老百姓过得怎么样。

    • Inequality is not just about the top marginal tax rate but also about our children’s access to food and the right to justice for all.
      (15年6 月CET6,第二套) 不平等不仅有关最高边际税率,而且有关我们的孩子能否获得食物,有关每个人的公平权利。

    • …most of the successful people do not make successes by doing great things, but by doing small things in a great way.
      (15年6 月CET6,第三套) 大多数成功人士并非靠做大事取得成功,而是以伟大的方式做小事取得成功的。



  1. adj. + as +sb./sth.+ be…


    • Simple as it is, what the picture conveys to us is thought-provoking.
      (15年12 月CET6,第三套) 图片看起来简单,但传达给我们的信息却发人深省。
  2. 否定词(By no means/In no way/Hardlyt only等)+助动词/情态动词/be动词+sb./sth. …


    • By no means can we deny that Internet is playing an increasingly important role in our information society and we couldn’t be off it in every way.
      (15年12 月CET6,第三套) 不可否认,互联网在信息社会中扮演着越来越重要的角色,我们没有办法离开它。

    • Not only will you earn more money when you get promoted, but also become more confident and proud of yourself.
      (15年6 月CET6,第一套) 当你得到晋升后,不仅会赚更多的钱,而且会变得更加自信。

  3. Only+状语(副词/介词短语/状语从句)+助动词/情态动词/be动词+sb./sth. …


    • Only when one is curious about something will he put his mind on it and generate something creative.
      (15年6 月CET6,第二套) 只有当一个人对某事感到好奇时,他才会把心思放在上面,产生创意。

    • Because only when all small things add up can many impossibilities gradually turn to possibilities.
      (15年6 月CET6,第三套) 因为只有当所有的小事聚集在一起时,各种不可能的事情才会逐渐转变为可能的事情。

  4. So+adj.+be动词+sb./sth.+that…


    • So great is the influence of online ratings that many companies now hire digital reputation managers to ensure a favorable online identity.
      (15年6 月CET6,第三套) 在线评价的影响力很大,以至于很多公司雇佣网络声誉经理,以确保自己在网络上保持一个好名声。



  1. It is (high) time that(该是……的时候了)


    • However, it’s high time we transferred/should transfer our focus from obtaining more information to discriminating information.
      (15年12 月CET6,第二套) 然而,现在的确到了我们把注意力从索取信息转向甄别信息的时候了。
  2. wish的用法(表示与事实相反的情况,或表示将来不太可能实现的愿望)


    • I wish I were as tall as you. 我希望和你一样高。(与现在事实相反)
    • I wished he hadn’t done that. 我真希望那件事不是他做的。(与过去事实相反)
    • We wish that they would come soon. 我们希望他们能马上来。(与将来事实相反)
  3. if only(要是……就好了)


    • If only he didn’t drive so fast.

    • If only she had had more courage.

    • If only it would stop raining.

  4. 非真实条件句

  5. It is + desired / suggested/requested/ordered/proposed+that… (should)… (表示建议、请求、命令 )


    • It is requested that the building of the house (should) be completed next month.

    • It is suggested that you (should) enter for this competition.


  1. 虚拟语气

    • 应着重复习能引起虚拟语气的某些介词、介词短语和连词(如lest, in case, otherwise等);

    • 一部分表示建议、主张、命令等概念的词语,由于本身隐含说话人的主观愿望,其后的主语从句、宾语从句、同位语从句往往采用“should+动词原形”;

    • 在would rather, wish, as if, it’s time that等句型中使用适当形式表达主观愿望。

  2. 独立主格题


  3. 时态


  4. 名词性从句



  5. 主谓一致

    这类考题灵活性大,需要根据实际情况判断谓语动词的单复数形式。一部分具有生命意义的集合名词做主语时谓语动词多采用复数形式,如people, poultry, militia等;

    用and连接的成分表单一概念时谓语动词用单数;就近原则:主语中含有某些连词(如as well as, besides, in addition to等)时,谓语动词的数同第一个主语保持一致。

  6. 倒装结构


  7. 非谓语动词

    • 根据非谓语动词同其所修饰的名词或逻辑主语的一致关系,确定使用主动语态或被动语态,然后考虑采用现在分词、现在分词被动式或过去分词;

    • 非谓语动词同主句谓语动词动作发生的先后关系。动作正在进行的用现在分词进行式,同时发生或不分先后发生的用现在分词一般式或过去分词;

    • 在主句谓语动词之前发生的用现在分词完成式、不定式完成式;发生在主句谓语动词之后的多用不定式一般式;

    • 表状态多用分词,表目的多用不定式。